Pentagram/Star Wheels: My rebuild and How-To thread

Yeah, looks good. The way you welded it allows for future grinding to separate the pieces.

Now that I can see it, I suppose another way would've been to weld 6 short alignment dowels to the spacer, fitting into the sprocket's lightening holes.

Of course, that assumes that future replacement sprockets have their lightening holes in the same place, an can be relied on to be in precise positions...
I still have the rear master cylinder (rebuilt), caliper, caliper hanger, etc., to mount up the rear wheel if anyone is interested.
Well, today I put a straight edge across the stock XS650B front wheel and got a hub measurement of 4 3/4". I checked the wheel on the bike and got a measurement of 4 1/2".
Then I checked the NOS wheel and got..... 4 3/4". I should have used the NOS wheel.

Scott, you're referring to the width of the hub correct? As in the distance between the two outer most ends at the center of the wheel?
I wanted to confirm as I'm potentially purchasing a set from someone across country, and I want to make sure I receive something I can use with an XS650 without heavy modification and machining. Thanks
Both a stock front spoke hub and the front star hub I have measure 4.75" outside to outside. Rotor to rotor on both is 3.38". Some of the front wheels on smaller Yamahas were narrower.
I gotcha'd myself on the rear, I used an internal spacer I had laying loose but didn't confirm length. maybe it was from a drum hub, not a disk hub. Anyways my bearings aren't the same spread, closer than on the stock disk hub, not a big deal, the sprocket side is right where it needs to be, will just need a different caliper carrier to swing arm spacer.
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In my usual "orange county choppers fast" way got the front star mag mounted on period piece.
Expect a similar wait 'til the rear is on.
picked up that scissors jack at a garage sale $5. Ground a saddle in the top plate, perfect for front end work.
Pentagram mag mags wheel wheels
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What? You just gonna post some photos on a zombie thread and not add any information? You big tease! I had a set of those star mags on my 76 way back in the ‘70’s. Btw, I’ve shown this photo before, I grabbed it off the interweb a few years ago, it was on a British auction site, and I’m pretty sure it was my old bike. With some changes made to it, like that butt ugly seat! :lmao:
I mentioned it was a catalog page????

The bike came and went it's now a hardtail, I posted a pic of it on here somewhere. Found it;

BUT I kept the wheels and rear brake complete. ;^)
that painted star was on the front of Allison's period piece.
front detail pentagram.jpg
It also stayed here when the bike left. There's one more, a rear star mag that doesn't have all the spacers to make it XS650 bolt on ready. So MANY pieces, projects...........
Those are stock wheels for a vintage 1980 Suzuki GS750. They are on the gs750L's that I have. They are Aluminum. The dual disks in front, and the single rear disk on my bikes are drilled. They are not the correct profile for tubeless tires. I converted a set the old school way, coated the inside with poly clearcoat, and added a valve, which I glued in with rtv. Works fine until you go fast, and the tire doesn't grip the rim properly. :) It deflated suddenly at about 140, lol. Use tubes, or have the rims machined to the right profile for tubeless. :)
That rear brake set up is like the one that came with the set of star mags I bought. I just never realized it was a stock item.:shrug:
I'm pretty sure they came out of the same molds. The only diff I see is the brake disk; you might look for a set of those; they're already drilled. For a 700lb bike it stops really well. :) I was looking for something to fit a car, and saw the thread. Those 650'were of a similar vintage. I just wanted to add what I knew.
I do wish someone had mentioned the bead angle thing, before I ruined a pair of pants, lol.