1978 xs650 Special
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Los Angeles, CA
I found plans to build an engine stand, but they were hardly legible. I redrew them and changed two things; 1) added an inch to the height for clearance with the starter still installed and 2) changed the hole size to a proper one. Both suggestions came from this thread.

I am posting a small JPG and a link to the PDF version for clear printing. Let me know if it needs adjustment. Cheers guys!


download it here
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I'd say that's pretty damn good for photoshop! At first glance I was thinking it was created in some sort of mechanical drawing software or something. Good work.
Great work on plans
I had one of these made by the local welder but had to put it in the hands of his old welder as he was the only one that that could read in inches.
Any chance of one in metric (Millimetres )
went metric here in 1966
- this ones pretty cool too, rotates, bolts to the bench...ebay seller, vwalley1


Easy to convert inches to centimetres HERE Wally, or just multiply inches x 2.54 for cm, or 25.4 for mm
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this ones pretty cool too, rotates, bolts to the bench...ebay seller, vwalley1
bought this one. quality is good/excellect. Engine is high up if you sit it on a bench. Have not put it to the test in a tear down, still cleaning up the garage...
I like this one, at least you can take the bottom half of the engine off and work on it, most of the others seem to be designed for top end rebuilds.

If it's the gearbox you are working on you don't want to take the top end off to work on it.
INXS: This engine stand is a good idea. I thnk that adding braces to it might help this poor square tubing that hold the engine in the air.


On these plans 1/4 is referring to thickness of steel correct? I could only find 1/8 inch thickness to use i dont think itll be a problem. The reason i ask is it will change a few measurements for me. Also couldn't you place the mounts on the inside? If you notch out the corners and turn the sides in and place the engine mounts on the inside it would look alot cleaner. Anyone see anything wrong with that idea?
Alfredo, I think those plans came from Mama Yama. I picked up a Factory manual that covers 70-74. In the back are technical bulletins, one was about building engine stands. It shows your plans exactly, execpt they didn't have the inch added.
They show another stand. The base is about the same. It has a pair of angle iron pieces coming up from on end, leaning in over the base at an 83 degree angle. They are 14 inches tall. with notchs cut out about half way up on the outside edge of the angles. 1/2 inch hole at the top. Not sure how it would work with an engine. looks more like a wheel truing stand.
I'll try to scan it and post it. I got it. Not real easy to see the small numbers.


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I think they didn't have the inch added because they were for the XS1 which had no electric starter. The 2nd plan with the 83° angle could work with that rear set of uprights connected to the upper rear motor mount. The lower portion of the rear of the engine would just pivot back against the angled uprights.

I've built 3 of these so far, 2 with the original plans (+ 1" on the uprights) and one with a modified base (cross members stick out 3" or 4" on each side). I used 1/8" thick angle on all of them (see the link in the 1st post). All work well.
Quick question Total length and width of base. And do yuo see any problems with notching base pieces and turning them in? weilding the mounts on inside? I know it will change the width a little. Just thought it would look cleaner when done. Been thinking about it bought all the supplies but haven't started it yet. All my concentration is on final exams this week. Well most of it anyways.