Yes I did!
I'm only doing tank and side panels.
The tank had the emplem mounting bondo'd over so I was thinking to paint the original Burgundy then do the white on the tank in vinyl then the sideways U with vinyl on the side panels. My bike will never be as beautiful as yours.
Here's a modified '78 Special tank I did with the early scheme...



That 71? tank scheme is my favorite.
I"m actually thinking about doing up my 78 like that with the white stripe..
I'm debating to paint it in or just use vinyl to go over the burgundy I will paint the tank.
One of our club members (RIP) painted an early Special to look like an XS-1. Side cover art was done with an airbrush. I don’t know where to find a pic of it, but it was a lovely bike. I never heard what became of it after Doug’s passing.

That is an amazing photo cough calendar material.
A tableaux of the perfect XS650 mission, out for a back road jaunt, a hike, and lunch........
I'm jealous!
I like the short signal stalks and the fact that there not being a shop in the background, he actually rode it there. ...and that bike looks very nice. ...and , of course, big welcome...
Lucky you to have one in your garage. These survivors are getting hard to find. Looks like it’s almost all there, though. I had a ‘78 a number of years back that I sold to a guy in Vancouver, BC who was going to ship it to home to Australia when his work visa expired. Yours has the same paint job as my ‘78, but maybe the colours were different for Europe.


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