I had to dig to find this picture. I got this 1977 from a fellow that had left it in his garage from 1982. (40 years) I stripped the bike down to the frame and cleaned and polished everything, sand blasted the frame. The tank and side covers were really badly hazed, but luckily no major scratches or dents. I wet sanded them and refinished with clearcoat which turned out great and the bike still has it’s original colours.


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Beautiful bikes! 😍

Yes, it's complete, the parts missing from the picture are all there. The paintwork is 'not original' in normal black. The European D-model was available in silver, bountiful blue (like yours) or black, but with different decals. Mine in the picture above corresponds to the last european 447 from '80 onwards, which was only available in brilliant red and most recently in the slightly lighter cardinal red.
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Thank you all, glad you like it :thumbsup:

There's still some work to be done: New spokes, polishing of the aluminum parts, a 2.15" front rim and a second disc. In its current condition it's the original US version. The German/Austrian version of the B model had the wider front rim, which is also mentioned in the documents. Since I want to switch to stainless steel spokes anyway, I'll just use the compliant rim.
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